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Zinco Stearato TM Vegetale | Zinc Stearate TM Vegetable




ProRenew Complex CLR™


Supported by numerous in vitro and in vivo studies
- A probiotic anti-aging approach towards skin renewal
-  Induces production of key ingredients of skin quality
and differentiation
-  Improves keratinocyte cohesion
-  Increases the production of antimicrobial peptides
- Induces skin renewal and accelerates skin
barrier recovery

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Cell’Intact = antioxidant + antipollution.
The perfect formula to face upo yo urban lifestyle!




Dispersun dispersants are highly effective for inorganic pigments and titanium dioxide in colour cosmetics. They dramatically decrease viscosity of dispersions at dose rates of just a few percent, allowing higher concentrations of pigment to be used. Dispersun DSP-OL100 and DSP-OL300 are suitable for use in oil based systems such as isododecane, castor oil and alkyl benzoate. The dispersants allow higher pigment loading, improved milling and potentially improved colour coverage.

Dispersun DSP-W90 is specially designed for dispersing pigments into water-based systems, such as water-based mascaras and foundations. Dispersun DSP-W90 is supplied in free acid form.

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Ronastar® Diamond Black Cosmetic Pigment


A Novel Pigment adds “Lustrous Black” Effects and Dark Drama

The color black is at the heart of the most sought-after makeup looks: Raven black lustrous lashes, a sharply curved line defining the shape of an eye, a smokey makeup style that adds glamour and depth.

A “dark, lustrous pigment”, however, is as rare as a black diamond. Merck comes to the rescue as we are once again the first to bring a revolutionary ingredient to beauty brands and cosmetics manufacturers all over the world.

Introducing Ronastar® Diamond Black
The inorganic cosmetic pigment is based on evenly shaped aluminum oxide  with a small particle size and a sophisticated coating process with silica and iron oxide. The composition features an ideal light reflection without light scattering centers for an even and intense sheen.

You will see the difference at first glance – and so will your customer.

Glossy mystery meets versatility
Black is beautiful and versatile. How about a high-fashion nail polish? Or a leave-in conditioner that intensifies a darker hair color? Create bold ideas for products that need lustrous dark effects and let Ronastar® Diamond Black help you realize your vision.

Ronastar® Diamond Black is in compliance with REACH. and suitable for all color cosmetic and personal care applications.

Colorona® Imperial Citrine


Pump up the volume and add a splash of color with this new, intense yellow matte pigment! Its bright yellow color is spectacular featured on its own along with its silky texture and creamy feel.
Colorona® Imperial Citrine can provide the natural coverage you are looking for along with superior skin adhesion for your formulas.
• A balance of transparency and color to provide coverage and luminosity to
the skin without the look of heavy make-up.
• This weightless, silky pigment also renders superior skin adhesion for long
lasting products.
• Use alone or in combination with our other effect pigments for a fresh,
vibrant look.
Bring versatility to your formulations with Colorona® Imperial Citrine. Use it with
other matte pigments to achieve subtle color variations, sheens or new color shades.
Try adding sparkle pigments to take it to the next dimension! Since the pigment is predispersed, full color tint can be reached with a minimum of mixing.
Colorona® Imperial Citrine consists of mica, bismuth oxychloride and iron oxides.
The particle size ranges from 2 – 50 μm (80% in range). It can be used in all types of
cosmetic applications world wide. Colorona® Imperial Citrine cosmetic pigment is in
compliance with REACH.