Colorona® Imperial Citrine


Pump up the volume and add a splash of color with this new, intense yellow matte pigment! Its bright yellow color is spectacular featured on its own along with its silky texture and creamy feel.
Colorona® Imperial Citrine can provide the natural coverage you are looking for along with superior skin adhesion for your formulas.
• A balance of transparency and color to provide coverage and luminosity to
the skin without the look of heavy make-up.
• This weightless, silky pigment also renders superior skin adhesion for long
lasting products.
• Use alone or in combination with our other effect pigments for a fresh,
vibrant look.
Bring versatility to your formulations with Colorona® Imperial Citrine. Use it with
other matte pigments to achieve subtle color variations, sheens or new color shades.
Try adding sparkle pigments to take it to the next dimension! Since the pigment is predispersed, full color tint can be reached with a minimum of mixing.
Colorona® Imperial Citrine consists of mica, bismuth oxychloride and iron oxides.
The particle size ranges from 2 – 50 μm (80% in range). It can be used in all types of
cosmetic applications world wide. Colorona® Imperial Citrine cosmetic pigment is in
compliance with REACH.